• Marian by The Private Lens


    August 13th, 2020
    Shot with my good friend Marian in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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  • Anyelina by The Private Lens

    How Financial and Economic Empowerment for Females Gives Women Joy

    Women have always been the one to stay at home. They cooked, cleaned, raised children, and took care of the household...
  • Danna by The Private Lens


    August 11th, 2020
    Shot with Danna in the shower. It was pretty hot in the room.
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  • Anonymous by The Private Lens

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  • Abigail by The Private Lens


    August 10th, 2020
    Originally from Boston, MA, United States, Abigail and I met in Miami, FL to do this photo shoot.
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  • Anonymous by The Private Lens


    August 7th, 2020
    Shot with my anonymous friend lst year.
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  • Angélica by The Private Lens


    August 3rd, 2020
    Shot with my friend Angélica from Venezuela last year.
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  • Carla Rubio by The Private Lens

    Weekly Magazine

  • Susanna by The Private Lens


    August 2nd, 2020
    Shot with my friend Susanna from Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.
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  • Fray by The Private Lens


    July 29th, 2020
    The global pandemic delayed this photo shoot for a few months, but we finally made it happen, and here it is.
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