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    How I got to my late 20’s looking like I’m in my early 20’s

    Today I turn 29, and despite the number listed on my IDs and the forms I fill out, I personally still don’t feel 29. In fact, I don’t think others believe it either as I am consistently asked, almost on a daily basis to either confirm my age, show my ID or prove that I am not “22y/o” or in some cases younger. I must say, I appreciate the compliment, and all my life I’ve told people that I have some sort of “factory fault”, so I’d like to thank my parents for the good genes.
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    The Female Orgasm

    As simple as this question sounds and feels, and as obvious as the answer may seem to most of us, defining “Orgasm” as a word, it is used to describe how something tastes.The more technical definition offered in the Kinsey Reports is “the expulsive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the peak of sexual response”.Perhaps the most interesting of all characterizations is the one that was offered by John Money: “The Zenith of the sexuoerotic experience that men and women characterize subjectively as voluptuous rapture or ecstasy.”
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    Why Is Nudity Associated With Sex? From Her Perspective.

    I remember the first time I went topless on a beach back in the Dominican Republic in January 2017. I was having a good time with a friend when a group of men arrived (some of them I knew) and at that moment I didn’t notice that some of them recorded me while tanning topless and sent those photos on group chats.


Some time ago, I made the decision to start writing articles so that people get to understand better why I chose my this genre of photography. In this section of the website you will also find articles written by some of the models themselves or anyone I think has an interesting view about women’s rights, freedom and empowerment that I want to share with you.

If you have an opinion about any of the articles, you can write your comments at the end of each one, I promise to read them all. Let’s grow together.

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