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    How Financial and Economic Empowerment for Females Gives Women Joy

    Women have always been the one to stay at home. They cooked, cleaned, raised children, and took care of the household. Men often believed that they couldn’t be in the workforce because they were too delicate. However, what men didn’t realize was that taking care of the home and kids was a big job.
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    The Path To Self-Love

    We all, at one time or another, have to face the difficulty of loving ourselves, the complexity of accepting ourselves, and recognizing our value. This generally causes tension and self-sabotage, and It can be painful to live with. It can also make it difficult to start new projects, to move forward, and to create social relationships…
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    Female Empowerment and Art Nude Photography: The Correlation

    When it comes to being nude, most people – men and women – get camera shy. Everyone is so used to being clothed all the time, so when you see a nude photograph or drawing, you are automatically drawn to it. Most of the time, it doesn’t bring forth feelings of sexual urgency unless you know the person.


Some time ago, I made the decision to start writing articles so that people get to understand better why I chose my this genre of photography. In this section of the website you will also find articles written by some of the models themselves or anyone I think has an interesting view about women’s rights, freedom and empowerment that I want to share with you.

If you have an opinion about any of the articles, you can write your comments at the end of each one, I promise to read them all. Let’s grow together.

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